Bastron Glass Keyboard: All Form, Little Function


Buy one for looks, and nothing else

These days, keyboards are a dime a dozen. There are scads of options from scads of companies. So, how does one distinguish the good ones from the bad? Unfortunately, much of what makes a keyboard good or bad is a matter of personal preference; a plank that works well for someone else won’t necessarily get your typing juices flowing.

Enter the Bastron glass keyboard, a keyboard that actually doesn’t have any keys at all. The entire typing surface is a single pane of glass, with touch-sensitive points in place of actual key caps. The glass is completely transparent, which is definitely a conversation starter, and the frame is made from aluminum, but only ships in one color: gold.

Bastron Glass Keyboard

The real attention grabber with the Bastron keyboard though, is its lighting. From inside the top frame, LEDs light up the pane of glass and render the print in the glass visible. The keyboard only ships with two color options as two different keyboard models: blue, and pinkish-purple. You’re not able to change the colors on the keyboard, which would have been a nice addition to a product that focuses heavily on aesthetics.

Bastron Glass Keyboard

So, how about typing performance?

Let it be known, this keyboard isn’t for typists. It’s for those who lean heavily on appearances, which again are subjective, but we see where Bastron is going with this. The problem is that you need to constantly look at the keyboard in order to type. If you try typing without looking down, be sure to run your spell checker! Also, you can’t really rest your fingers on the keyboard, as it’ll register keystrokes, so your fingers have to be in the air if not in the act of typing. Lastly, Bastron includes a cleaning cloth for the inevitable smudges that you’ll make on the keyboard’s surface.

This article was typed using the Bastron, and it was a frustrating experience. However, if you’re one of those still pecking at individual keys with one finger on each hand, this keyboard will do just fine. For most users though, you’re better off getting a keyboard, any keyboard, with normal keys.

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